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I am a small business owner. What can a website do for me?

A website can offer your business many advantages, including a:

More professional company image
Improved branding
Increased sales
Inexpensive advertising
Edge on the competition
Better customer relations
A website can help your business reach new customers, keep you in closer contact with your current customers, and enable you to respond quickly and efficiently in a rapidly changing market.


How much time does it take to build a web site?

A web site can be completed in as little as a few days to several months. Completion time would depend on several factors: (1) the size of the web site and (2) the amount of time it takes the site owner to offer feedback on the web design in progress and to provide relevant content (images, pictures, text, etc.) for the web site.

Can I just design a website on my own?

Of course! If you like HTML, CSS, SSL, CGI, SSI, XML, PHP, CFM, JSP, ASP, DHTML, SHTML, Flash, Java, ….

If you don’t want to spend months learning the basic foundations of web design, you might want to let a professional designer develop your site.


How can I promote my website?

Search engine and directory submissions, negotiating cross-links with other sites, set up affiliate programs, put your URL on all correspondence and marketing materials, e-mail marketing … and that’s just the beginning.


Can you guarantee my site will be listed in all the search engines?

No, and no reputable company should make these guarantees! However, all of the sites we design, optimize and submit to the search engines are eventually indexed.


If I build a great website, will they come?

If you build it, promote it, nurture it, update it, they will definitely come. Simply creating a web site will not generate lots of traffic and will not cause your web site to be immediately listed in all the search engines. Building a web site is only the first step in an overall marketing plan. We will submit your completed web site to the search engines that are still accepting free submissions, but we cannot guarantee if and when the search engines will index any web site. We can also provide you with other online advertising venues which provide immediate exposure for your site.


What kind of services will I need once the site is completed?

Some web sites require minimal maintenance while some require daily updates. Be sure to discuss your site’s future needs with your web developer.


How much does a website cost?

The investment you make in your web site development project will vary depending on the complexity of the site, visual sophistication and the type of programs you require on the site. There are hundreds of variables that will affect the cost of your project, but ultimately what it comes down to is time and materials. The more time and/or materials it takes, the more your project will cost.


What is your payment policy?

Payment policies vary depending on the size and scope of the project. We require a deposit in order to begin development. The remaining balance is paid prior to the web site being launched.


Do you offer some kind of assurance to ensure that my work will be done on time and within specifications?

Yes, we do. To make clear our mutual understanding of the web design project, we do not undertake any project without first preparing and executing a legal Website Development Agreement, which outlines in writing the terms and specifications of the proposed web design project. This Agreement contains the terms (website specifications, delivery time, payment terms, etc.) to which we agreed prior to starting the project.


If there are any problems, how are they corrected? Support service?

If there are problems with the website’s functionality, that would be our responsibility. You are hiring a web designer/developer to not only design your website, but make sure it is functional across all platforms and make sure your users are getting the most benefit from your website. If there is a server related problem, your web designer would interact with the web hosting company to resolve those problems. We have close relationships with several hosting companies and understand how they work and speak their “language.”


Would we need to use your company to revise and update our website?

You can call on us at any time to revise and update the website. This is an ongoing service we provide to all our clients. Or, in the alternative, you can select any designer of your choice. After we have completed a website, we will provide you with (1) all the source files and code (2) a document which contains all the passwords, user names, database information and any other information related to the website. Any experienced web designer should be able to follow through.

So, armed with this information, you will be free to choose whomever you wish to revise and update your website.

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